Work Anywhere Virtual Entrepreneur

Meet Wendie Holbrook


Successful Virtual Assistant for the past five years with her company Virtually Yours, and founder of Work Anywhere Virtual Entrepreneur. With over 20 years of Administrative experience and being a single mom, Wendie desired to have more freedom in her life and to break free from the daily 9-5 grind allowing her more time to spend with her family. When she saw an opportunity to work virtually for a coach she took it and ran! That was the start of a whole new adventure and where Virtually Yours was born. 

Realizing the freedom and enjoyment gained as a self-employed entrepreneur, Wendie saw the opportunity to help others succeed. Whether you are the sole breadwinner, or a stay at home mom looking to bring more household income in, there is a better way to earn a living all while having work/life balance and spending time with those you love doing what you love! 

Welcome to Work Anywhere Virtual Entrepreneur!