Creating a Legacy

I would like you to think about something for a moment. When the time comes for you to leave this earth, who and what are you leaving behind? This is not meant to be depressing, I promise. I just want to get you thinking.

For some, it will be a wife or husband, and for others, there may be children.

What do you envision leaving behind for them?

For me when I think of a legacy I think about what I am doing today to leave a legacy for my daughter and for her children to come. And I am not just speaking financially.

In the immediate, the reason for what I do is to create joy and happiness not only for me but especially for my daughter.

Joy and happiness are not about how much money you can spend on the ones you love, but rather how much time you can spend with them and invest in them as people.

I see so many who are doing that 9-5 daily, with good intentions. They are looking to meet their bills and make sure there is a roof over their heads and the heads of their family. But mostly there is no joy in what they do.

They are dropping their kids off at daycares and before and after school care to have someone else raise them for the most part, only to get an hour together with them in the evening before sending them off to bed just to do it again the next day.

When I envision the legacy of those families, I see the children grow and the memories of their childhood. Yes, they had what they needed in terms of things, but did they have what they needed in terms of love?

Things come and go.

Children grow so quickly, and for those of us who are parents, we know one minute they are a tiny baby and the next they are ten. Halfway to becoming an adult and on their way to leading their own lives. Once they are grown we can never get that time back. We cannot turn around when they are 20 and say, okay I can slow down now and take you to the park, or on vacation. That time has passed, and they are moving on to start their own life.

The last thing I would like to remember was how much time I spent commuting to work, and in between daycares and before/after school care. All to see my daughter for an hour or so a day, most of that spent getting her ready to go to bed, while I am cleaning the house, preparing meals and doing laundry. This is not quality time with those we love.

The legacy, in that case, that I would leave behind for my daughter is that of being taken care of, but not having spent much time with her. Not having had the time to run and play with her, take her to the park, plant a garden, raise animals together, teach her to cook, and all the things a parent should have the time for.

My choices now affect her in the future.

If I raised her not spending time with her, that is what she learns to do with her family too. That becomes the norm.

People have said to me, well you are a single parent, so your daughter will just have to understand. But why? Why should she have less of me than she deserves?

About five years ago, I realized I wanted to leave a different legacy. I wanted my daughter to look back and remember the fun we had together. The time we spent together. As much as I wish I could be here forever, I won’t be.

One day I will be gone, and all she will have are the memories we created together.

So, I chose to leave.

I chose to walk away from the 9-5 and create a life where I am free to spend much more time with my daughter, and on my terms. When I want to (outside of her being in school) and doing what we want. When she is done school for the day, I am done working until later in the evening if I choose.

We go outside. We play. We laugh. We get to enjoy each other and the time we have together while she is still young.

This is possible – for anyone.

More and more businesses are turning to remote employees. They see the value of not having the overhead of an employee seated at a desk. Why not take this opportunity and get in while the virtual world of work is still new?

What are the skills you have right now that you could offer clients online?

Better yet, what is the legacy you are leaving behind while still being stuck in that 9-5? How happy are you where you are at?

If you need help in figuring out what it is you could do as an online virtual entrepreneur – reach out. I would be happy to explore this more with you.

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