Kick Fear in the Pants

Since launching my course W.A.V.E (Work Anywhere Virtual Entrepreneur) in June I noticed I communicate with a lot of people who are wanting to start their own business but seem to be afraid to make the leap.

What I noted is there are a few obstacles these people are seemingly facing:

  • For some a lack of money to put the investment into the course to get their business off the ground
  • For some trepidation of running their own business and leaving their current 9-5
  • For some panic when thinking of trying to find clients to support their business
  • For some, apprehension of not knowing how to get their business started (see the W.A.V.E course)
  • For some, dread of what others (I.E. family or friends) will think

On the surface, when looking at the above and summarizing, the word that came to mind is “excuses”.

These are just excuses keeping people from their path to freedom.

I then had to wonder, why would people make excuses to keep them from doing the work they really love? From having work/life balance? From spending more time with those they love? From doing work for those they choose, where and when they choose?

It perplexed me at first, but then I realized – FEAR.

People fear the unknown and starting your own business and leaving what you are used to can cause fear.

What if you could put that fear aside, just for a moment and picture a life that would really make you happy.

How does that look for you? Do you picture yourself in some stuffy office, working for an ungrateful boss, seeing your kids at the end of the day and often having too little time for them? Do you picture commuting countless hours to your job? Taking your kids to daycare every day and having to pay for that, leaving you with little less than enough to cover the bills?

If I were to guess, I would imagine those things are not the things you imagine when trying to picture a life that really makes you happy.

When I imagined a life that would make me happy I looked at more time with my daughter, no daycares, before and after school care, no longer working for a thankless boss, no more being told when I could or could not take time off. I imagined more work-life balance. I imagined doing work that was enjoyable, for who I wanted to work with, when and where.

If fear is what is stopping you from your path to freedom, it’s time to kick fear in the pants.

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