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5 Common Myths of Self-Employment

Since I began working for myself, I have many people ask me what exactly is it that I do, how I started my own business, how I find clients, and I hear a lot of common misconceptions about being self-employed. Myth #1 – you get to stay home all-day relaxing, watching TV and eating bonbons. […]

This Is Not For You

If you are someone who enjoys the daily commute, sitting in a stuffy office, enduring office politics, earning what someone else says you are going to, taking time off when you are approved to (or not), missing time away from your family, working with clients you don’t like, doing tasks you don’t enjoy, and working […]

Kick Fear in the Pants

Since launching my course W.A.V.E (Work Anywhere Virtual Entrepreneur) in June I noticed I communicate with a lot of people who are wanting to start their own business but seem to be afraid to make the leap. What I noted is there are a few obstacles these people are seemingly facing: For some a lack […]

Break Free

Break free from what you ask? The only thing I regret about having my own business is not having started it sooner. I look back on how much time I spent over the years “wasting time”. So much time spent commuting and working eight hours a day – for someone else’s gain. Time spent carting […]

What’s Your Why?

What’s your why? I’ll tell you mine. When I began as a Virtual Assistant about five years ago, I definitely had a reason why. At the time I had been working full-time as an office administrator. Now, don’t get me wrong I loved what I was doing. I loved the tasks and the level of […]