Take a Chance

The benefits far outweigh the risk.

For most people, change is super scary, and I totally get that. We get comfortable at a job and get used to accepting a paycheque as a very small token of thanks for the work we have done for the past couple weeks and carry on about our life.

But are we happy?

I know I did that for several years knowing there must be more. I knew I was never going to get anywhere in the position that I was at.

Did I hate my job? No. In fact, that is what made it hard to leave. I loved my job. I liked the people I worked with, and I even tolerated the very long commute telling myself it was my chance to “unwind” or to “get prepared” for the day. I drank my coffee, listened to music, and that long commute went by, for five long years.

When I had the opportunity to really look at how much time I was spending away from what I really wanted to be doing, it was – depressing.

As I watch my daughter grow I am constantly reminded of just how fast time goes. Just a moment ago she was a baby and now she is nine. That’s nearly ten years that have gone by in the wink of an eye and five of those years I spent tied to a desk, commuting three hours a day, having her sit in daycare, or before/after school care and summer care.

It makes me a little sad.

Of course, for most of us, we must work. But what if we could make our work fit into our lives, rather than our lives fitting into our work?

What if the work we need to do was arranged around our schedule rather than arranging our schedule around our work?

This is entirely possible. I know because I have done that for the past five years. And you know what? I would never look back, not for a moment.

The work/life balance I have gained by working remotely cannot be compared to sitting in an office wishing I was somewhere else.

Why does work have to be associated with sitting in an office at a desk day in and day out? What if work was associated with being in a home office one day, maybe a coffee shop the next, and then perhaps for a few weeks in some beautiful tropical location? Why not?

Have internet will travel.

What would happen if you took a chance? How much happiness are you willing to take a chance on?

My passion is in helping people break free from the desk they have been chained to and to live a life that can offer them true happiness. You are only limited by your imagination and your fear. How long will you let your fear tie you down?

We are only guaranteed today, start living your life – now!

Start here.



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