Days Until YOU Launch Your New Business

The W.A.V.E. guide will help you kick start your own online business in 30 days or less!

This guide is jam packed with information to help you start your own successful online business! 

  • How I Got Started as a VA
  • What You Will Need to Get Started
  • Software Programs and Tools You WIll Need
  • Do You Need to Register Your Business?
  • What About Insurance?
  • What About Taxes?
  • How Much Should You Charge for Your Services?
  • What Services Should You Be Offering?
  • Advertising / Marketing / Networking
  • Setting Goals for Your Business
  • Building Relationships
  • Who Are Your Target Clients?
  • Where to Find Your Target Clients
  • Discovery Calls
  • Bringing a New Client On Board
  • Service Agreements; When Are They Necessary?
  • Forms of Communication With Clients
  • The Art of the Business Proposal
  • Workflow / Time Management
  • Let's Talk Mindset
  • Preparing for Your Day
  • Setting Boundaries With Clients
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Working on Your Own - Is Anybody Out There?
  • What is an Accountability Partner? Do You Need One?
  • What to do Before Becoming Overwhelmed
  • Billing / Accounting Software Options
  • Collecting Payments
  • What if a Client Does Not Pay?
  • Firing a Client

A Better Life is Waiting Just For You