What’s Your Why?

What’s your why? I’ll tell you mine.

When I began as a Virtual Assistant about five years ago, I definitely had a reason why. At the time I had been working full-time as an office administrator. Now, don’t get me wrong I loved what I was doing. I loved the tasks and the level of responsibility I had. What I did not love was the idea that I was going to be “stuck” at a position in a company where there was no room to grow. The owner of the company, my boss, was great. She treated me well overall, but unless she retired there was no room for me to move up. I was more than qualified, and it was frustrating to see people who were well-paid managers, and a level up from me who almost never worked, that is if they even showed up for work. The owners often turned a blind eye to this, and it was left to me to pick up the slack.

Back then, I was commuting three hours a day to get to and from work and I was a single mom with a young child who had to go to daycare, and then later before and after school care. It was less than ideal. I had my baby every single day at home with me, but I felt as though I never saw her.

After putting in five years at the company I was with, and seeing no room for improvement, the “final straw” came when I requested time off from work at Christmas. Christmas was the slowest time of the year, and a skeletal staff was all that was required. And being that I was considered part of the management team, I normally had this time off. However, when I requested time off and it was initially denied despite having not been an issue in the past, it shed light on my situation and how I needed to change it. My daughter’s daycare was closed over the holidays and I was not sure who I would have watched my daughter during that time. Finally, my boss said I could have the time off and I decided not only to enjoy the holidays but to make good use of the time as well.

I spent a great deal of time, when not enjoying Christmas, looking for other options for work. It was then I came across an opportunity that would change my life.

I found a job posting for a Virtual Assistant. I had no real idea what that was at the time, but I certainly had all the qualifications. I had been doing administrative work for about 15 years by then. I decided to apply and within a day or two later I was called for an interview. There were three interviews in total and with realizing the benefits of the position, I stayed on my game to get the job.

And get it, I did!

I began making ready a home office and started my new journey as a Virtual Assistant.

That job really changed my life! No longer was I spending three hours a day commuting, and instead I had time to spend with my daughter. We could go to the park and play – during the week!

I was able to be there for her when she needed me.

As time went on the position evolved from me being an employee into me contracting my services. I was able to take on more clients and officially created my own online business.

I was finally in charge of who I worked for, when, and where. I could take time off when needed, and no longer had to miss work when my daughter was not feeling well. No longer did I have to send her to school when she needed to be home. I could be home with her and take care of the needs of my clients too.

What's Your Why?

This is my “why” as to the reason I created my own online business. You see, my daughter is my reason why I wish to be successful, why I desire to have a business where I can spend more time with her, why I want to enjoy my Sunday evenings with her and not feel that dread of having to go to a job that no longer satisfies me. She is the reason why I wish to work for myself and no longer have a cap on my income, and why I desire to be able to work where I want, and when I want.

I have so enjoyed this journey I am on, and so enjoy the choices and opportunity it brings, that I have created a course to help YOU leave that 9-5 which is no longer bringing you joy. I have a strong desire to see others succeed and be able to have more work/life balance. To take time to be with your children while they are young. You can never get that time back. To have more time with your family and loved ones doing what you love.

Where are you at in your journey? If you are looking for a change, and desire more from your life, don’t wait until time has passed you by.

Take time to consider -what’s your why?

Are YOU ready to make a change?

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